Mongstad facilities

State-of-the-art facility

Step into the heart of our state-of-the-art facility at Mongstad – custom-built for safety, quality, delivery, and optimisation.

Here, our dedicated team passionately strives each day to provide exceptional services to the oil and energy industry. 

In the future we envision that the facilities will be suitable for receiving and maintaining equipment from wind power and other types of energy installations. 

Key capabilities:

  • Total area of 150.000 square meters
  • Workshop of 25.000 square meters
  • Cleaning area of 1.000 square meters
  • Offices of 3.000 square meters
  • Outside storage, asphalt area of 100.000 square meters
  • Outside storage, gravel area of 20.000 square meters


Our facilities includes a 245 square meter Cleanroom for sensitive equipment.

  • Ship 1, cranes 2 x 40 ton
  • Ship 2, cranes 2 x 40 ton
  • Ship 3, cranes 2 x 120 ton
  • Ship 3, cranes 1 x 40 ton + aux. 10 ton
  • Ship 4, cranes 2 x 20 ton
  • Ship 5, cranes 2 x 20 ton
  • Ship 6, cranes  2 x 25 ton

BOP Test Centre

PSW’s BOP workshop at Mongstad is one of the few facilities in the world capable of lifting 250 tons in a single lift. With gates measuring eleven meters and a hook height of twelve meters, the conditions are well-suited for testing and maintaining large subsea equipment.

We have been maintaining and testing critical drilling equipment for both national and international drilling operators for over 15 years.

  • Indoor facilities of 10.000 square meters
  • Hall height 11 meters, 19 meters with pit
  • Subsea test pit, 8m wide x 8m long x 8m deep
  • Drilling test pit 2,5m wide x 25m long x 2,5m deep
  • Portable Riser welding factory
  • Load test facilities – 250 tons

Environmental responsibility

The environmental responsibility is ensured with solar power system on the rooftop which makes us close to self-sufficient with power.  The plant consist of 1276 solar panels, covers about 2500 sqm2 of the roof’s surface and will have an annual output of 350 000 kWh.