Make and break

Save valuable rig time

PSW Technology offers tubular makeup and breakout services using our stationary unit,
the EnerQuip Fully Rotational Torque machine, situated at our Mongstad Facility.

The EnerQuip FR machine accurately handles the makeup or breakout of threaded connections on tubular components like oil and gas well drilling tools, casing, tubing, and similar components—doing so without causing damage to the threads.

Check out this video showcasing the make & break machine in action. Recently, on behalf of a customer, we seamlessly connected 20″ casing lengths of 12.5 meters to lengths of 25 meters at our new Mongstad facilities.

Typically, this operation occurs on the rig floor. However, by connecting two casing joints in our workshop before transport, we reduce the number of well runs, save valuable rig time for the customer, and ensure the quality of delivery in a controlled environment.