Equipment & Tools

Everything for maintenance and repair

Our facilities are equipped to handle all your maintenance and repair needs. We have a modern and efficient machinery park tailored for a range of lifting operations and material handling, in addition to all necessary tools and equipment, such as Make & break machine, SAW/ TIG HW orbital/ TIPTIG HW and high pressure cleaning up to 3000 bar/ ultrasonic cleaning. 

Pressure Testing

Our workshops are equipped to handle both hydrostatic and gas pressure testing up to 30 000 psi, with a wide range of test equipment such as API clamps, hubs and flanges. 

Trucks & Handling Equipment

We have a wide variety of trucks and forklifts for all your material handling needs. Lifting capacity ranges from 1 to 45 tons, as well as a Translifter with a 50 to 90 ton range.

Subsea Equipment

Subsea BOP and pressure control equipment can be expensive and difficult to source. PSW Technology has extensive experience with sourcing and buying equipment for rental and sale, and can offer flexible solutions based on customer needs.

We can supply a range of different equipment, in 18 ¾”, 10K and 15k;

  • Vetco H4 Connectors, E x F, HD, Hub, studded and flanged, BX and CX
  • Cameron Connectors HC and M70, DWHC etc.
  • Single or double BOP’s
  • 5K and 10k annular BOPs

Rent the equipment and tools you need

Torque tools

We offer a complete range of torque tools for rental in all sizes and dimensions, including pumps, wrenches, hoses and associated tools. For more information, access the inventory list below, or get in touch via the request form or the contact information on the right hand side. 

Refurbishment of surplus equipment

PSW Technology is an international player in sourcing, selling, and refurbishing used drilling and well control equipment.

With our extensive worldwide network, in-house expertise, and top-notch facilities, we can deliver equipment of all sizes with quicker turnaround times than ordering brand-new.

Beyond just business, refurbishing equipment is our way of making a positive impact on emission reduction. We’re not just giving equipment a second life; we’re helping the planet breathe a little easier.