Extensive experience and competence

Welding has been a cornerstone of PSW Technology’s business for many years. Our extensive experience and competence align with the stringent standards and regulations in the demanding offshore/subsea market.

Within our welding shop, we excel in the assembly and welding of diverse steel structures, pipe systems, and specialised welding processes.

Our IWE (International Welding Engineer) takes charge of maintaining the quality and advancing the welding processes and procedures. We’re constantly innovating, developing new welding procedures to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

All our welders are approved according to NS-EN ISO9606 standards.

But that’s not where our expertise ends. We also handle additional services such as NDT (Non-Destructive Testing), sandblasting, and painting to ensure a comprehensive and top-quality welding solution for our clients.

Typical welding projects:

  • Welding of riser main pipes
  • Welding of Flex joint
  • Welding of Slip joint
  • Welding of Riser auxiliary lines
  • Inconel ring groove
  • Stellite cladding
  • Lifting equipment
  • Rack, foundations, structures etc
  • Piping for Mongstad refinery
  • Chemical tanks

SubArc Welding (PulverBue)

Submerged arc welding is a mechanized process that involves feeding a wire through a conduit and a contact nozzle up to the welding arc.

The arc and the molten pool are shielded by a mineral flux supplied in front of the wire. This flux melts and creates a slag, contributing to a remarkably smooth and even weld surface. Submerged arc welding is suitable for a wide range of steel types, both unalloyed and alloyed.

This process is characterized by its excellent welding economy, attributed to a high deposition rate and a tendency for few welding defects. Submerged arc welding is commonly employed for cladding applications, where wear-resistant or corrosion-resistant metals are deposited onto ordinary steel. It’s a versatile and efficient method with diverse applications in the welding landscape.

Post Weld Heat Treatment

PSW Technology performs PWHT with in-house calibrated equipment.

Surface treatment

Drawing from extensive experience in both onshore and offshore installations, PSW Technology brings a distinctive expertise to the table when it comes to executing comprehensive surface treatments.

We specialise in treating surfaces for all steel qualities, offering industrial surface treatments aligned with NORSOK M-501 standards and other OEM procedures.

Our up to date facilities are equipped with specialised painting systems, including metallisation, ensuring top-notch surface treatment for various applications.